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Meet Jenna,

Coming from the background of a College Athlete she thought she was doing everything correctly.

But over-training and under-eating lead her down a path with many health and self confidence issues.

Mentally, physically, & spiritually Jenna was defeated.

After graduation she tried different things but nothing worked and her gastrointestinal issues got worse.

That’s when she decided to give TFW a shot.

This is her story about how TFW changed her life…



What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW Ponte Vedra Beach?


Before joining TFW in April of 2016, I struggled in many areas of my life.  While in college I overworked my body and malnourished it.  As a result of the constant physical stress I put myself through, my body started to shut down.  I developed gastrointestinal issues that interfered with my athletic performance and overall quality of life.  I couldn’t eat, and normal daily activities such as sitting through class became daunting. I lost nearly 20 pounds and most of my strength in a few short weeks. As a result my self-confidence took a big hit.


What made you reach out to TFW Ponte Vedra Beach?


After struggling through what seemed to be the longest year of my life, I knew I needed a significant change.  Simply put, I was tired of being tired. I was fed up with feeling like I couldn’t control my own life, so I took the first step of taking back my life and stepped into the black and gold gym I had passed by daily.  I knew that joining this community would encourage me to push myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  When I first met Coach Phil for my consultation, I was consumed by all the, “what ifs.” What if I get hurt? What if I don’t have the energy? What if I fail? The reason I chose to not only reach out to TFW but ultimately join the Familia is because the fear of my “what ifs,” wasn’t as loud as the voice telling me to go Into The Roar!


What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW Ponte Vedra Beach?


I believe that I have experienced significant changes in developing a stronger mind, body and spirit.  I have become mentally focused, physically healthy and strong, as well as confident and self-loving. More importantly, I have gotten strong enough to battle whatever curve balls life throws at me. I now believe by having my physical and mental strength combined with a positive mindset that I can accomplish anything. Since I started TFW in 2016, I am off all of my prescribed medication, have come to understand my unique nutritional needs and reached a healthy weight.

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?


First and foremost, I needed to stop doubting myself and fix the way I was thinking. Once I started believing in myself, I noticed that I attracted positive results.

Secondly, I started to trust the program. I knew that by trusting the process and doing the same things over and over I would create the habits that I needed to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

The last tip that helped me transform was reaching out to the right people.  There were times when I hit a plateau mentally and my coaches helped me persevere through those obstacles. They inspired me to keep pushing forward and just show up!!




Do you struggle with some of the same things Jenna struggled with?  You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also! Fill out the information below and a Certified TFW Coach will contact you shortly!

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