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Cathleen and Fran Coyne

We have always been athletic through the years, just less consistent as we got older and let’s face it, maybe a little lazy. We completed almost every at home workout that exists, by ourselves in front of the TV. We never seemed to get the results we wanted and quickly got bored. We both battle medical conditions and food allergies that lead to challenges and a ton of excuses, not to mention just “life” with a family and 2 kids, full-time job and a lot of travel.

Then we found Training for Warriors, Ponte Vedra Beach and decided to meet with Coach Phil Squatrito. We were instantly drawn to his energy and how this program offers us everything we were looking for. So we gave it a shot. We had no idea how this decision would instantly change our lives.

We started out in an 8 week transformation class. There were many days that weren’t easy, and we were quickly embraced by the “familia” that provided encouragement and support along with the top notch group training by the coaches. We found ourselves planning our lives around when we are hitting the dojo. Excited about our accomplishments and just having fun while we were getting stronger every day.

Now, we are in the lifestyle for over a year. We removed the excuses (THE RESISTANCE) and made have made training part of our daily lives. It’s not negotiable, it’s a priority. We both travel a lot for our jobs and have even become road warriors. There are many days and nights in parking lots and hotel gyms but we still get it done. Why lose what took so long and hard to gain. It’s not easy, but with the commitment and sticking to the program and the code we started to see ourselves transition both physically and mentally. Our relationship has grown even stronger, we help and support each through the program and it keeps us consistent. The best days are when we can train together and have some crazy fun as only we can do.

How far can we keep going is the bigger accomplishment and goal now? Today in our 40’s, we are stronger, faster, healthier and better-rounded from a health and fitness level than we have ever been in our lives. People are noticing and ask us, what are you guys doing because you look great!


For Fran:

Lost 3 inches in my waist and 7% body fat and gained over 12% in lean muscle

Moved over 2M pounds and sprinted over 85,000 yds over the past year

For Cathleen:

Lost 7% body fat and 10 pounds fat weight and gained 14 pounds in lean muscle


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