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Warrior of the Month Chris Coleman

“Sweat. It’s the world’s best antidepressant.”

Last spring, after 34 years in Atlanta, my husband and I moved to Ponte Vedra Beach. But instead of appreciating our new place in paradise, I was miserable. Unpacking the moving boxes seemed impossible. I had zero interest in anything but sleeping, reading, and eating. (I could finish off a party-size bag of M&Ms in a day.) Worse, I was recovering from a series of foot surgeries and couldn’t run or exercise: two things I’ve enjoyed all my life.

Months went by, and boxes were still stacked in every room of the house. I’d packed on 20 pounds and couldn’t wear anything in my closet. I spent all day in bed and woke up at 3:30 every morning. Then my husband tactfully suggested I check out TFW. I won’t pretend the first month was easy. With the toes on both my feet newly fused and 20 extra pounds to lug around, finishing a 45-minute session took everything I had. But it was exhilarating to work up a sweat again and feel like I’d really worked hard. I signed up for a year and never looked back.


Today, nine months later, I’ve dropped the excess weight and feel stronger than ever. Workouts are the high point of my week. I go to bed and wake up like a normal person. I’m paying attention to what I eat instead of giving in to every sugar craving. And I see beauty and opportunity everywhere I look here in north Florida, my new part of the world. As Coach Phil Squatrito often says, “Train more, fear less.” I’ve discovered he’s absolutely right.


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