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7 Pants Sizes Down

                        Brian Anderson

Imagine the moment when you reach the realization that you have physically let yourself go to the point of no return. This was me not too long ago with back problems so bad that pain medicine and surgery had become the only option for relief.

By 2009, I was feeling the effects of unhealthy habits, but did not commit to change. In 2013, I remember ordering size 41 tuxedo pants for my wife company holiday party. This was the moment I began to think about making changes so I boarded the diet rollercoaster.

In February 2014, my entire world was shaken. While my wife and I were on a bike ride in Palm Valley, a driver ran off the road and hit my wife, never even stopping. At that moment I thought I had lost my wife and everything I knew fell apart. She made it through, suffering a broken neck and multiple broken bones, which required more than a year of recovery. During her recovery, my health became worse and an uncertainty of whether she would ever return to work loomed, so amidst everything, I began my own local pet spa called Fluffy Cuts.


As my wife’s health improved she noticed that working with large dogs was taking a toll on me. Seeing a Facebook post about a TFW 8 Week- Transformation Challenge, my wife encouraged me to sign up, so I did, and today I thank God for the great advice! After the 8-Week Transformation I stayed on with the the classes and continued my progress.

The TFW coaches help keep me dedicated! They challenge me to reach goals I never throught I could. When I started, I couldn’t even do a single knee grab but the other day I did 55 in three minutes! Today, I am a healthy and fit 53 year-old. My back issues are long gone and I can painlessly lift a 130-pound doh onto the elevated tubs for grooming. I’ve have gone from a size 41 waist to a size 34. TFW has changed my whole life!


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