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“The Best Medicine I Found Was Exercise

Menopause should be a four lettered word!  While everyone is affected differently, many of the symptoms you hear about I experienced and still do to a lesser extent. It was harder to sleep(my bed was on fire but not for all the right reasons) and it was easier to gain weight with my hormones out of whack. The best medicine I found was EXERCISE! I had always enjoyed working out and consider myself a healthy eater and relatively fit. Post menopause, however, was a challenge. I had a double whammy as I developed kidney stones around the same time and had to radically change my diet. The same routines did not produce the same outcomes. Losing post menopause weight was harder for me than losing post baby weight…which I did twice.

Previously I enjoyed cycling but post babies transitioned me to the gym. I did try running for a few years ago but never really enjoyed it. The high protein, low carb diet I did pre menopause contributed to my kidney stones.  TFW was my solution! Prior to joining TFW, I was at my max weight and probably worst shape of my life(literally and figuratively). Feeling motivated is one thing…being motivated is another. The first few months were tough. Workouts like no other for me. Soreness but satisfaction! Positive reinforcement resulted in watching my dress size finally go down and my arms tone go up was so satisfying! It also took some time to adjust to a different dietary intake. I cut out all sugars, processed foods and oils. I stick to white meat(chicken/fish) and veggies with occasional red meat, an occasional treat…and red wine(it is a fruit, right?!).

Phil, Johnny, Tyler, Lori and Katey all push me in a positive way, both physically and mentally. Fitness instructor, personal trainer, motivational coach, role model, psychotherapist: you wear all of these hats well and I thank you for being so many things to so many people, especially me!

Side note* In all my years of fitness I have always hated chin ups. Mainly because I have never been able to achieve one. The TFW coaches have helped me get to my fighting weight while changing my mindset on thinking I can’t ever get one to BELIEVING I CAN.  This past year I finally reached that milestone of my first ever chin up!! Thank You!

Do you struggle with some of the same things Cheryl struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also! Contact us now!

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