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“You Don’t Become The Thing You THINK About All Of The Time. You Become The Thing You DO All Of The Time!” – Martin Rooney 

Meet Dr. John Miller,

Having tried different fitness facilities John always dealt with find the perfect balance of nutrition and fitness.

He would find a new exciting program and after a few weeks he would get bored and stop.

Through this cycle of starting and stopping, John found that the weight was going the opposite direction.

Becoming more and more skeptical about fitness facilities he was ready to quit

That was until one Saturday morning when he drove past our facility and decided to take once last chance.

This is the story of how John learned TFW is much more than a workout and brought out his WARRIOR WITHIN!


For years, I tried many different diet and exercise plans, but struggled to find programs and peers exciting and inspiring enough to keep me motivated to continue for more than a few weeks.  I would start a new program and then – due to boredom and lack of results – stop soon after; a discouraging cycle that often resulted in me gaining more weight than I originally started with.  Disheartened and growing ever more skeptical about health clubs, I happened to drive past TFW one day and decided to take one last chance on gyms and visit.


Since that day I have never looked back.  TFW is a great gym, with fantastic customer service.  Everyone is treated as an individual with their own personal goals, and the team of staff and instructors is experienced, positive, and supportive.  In the nine (9) months that I’ve been a member, TFW has become much more than a gym to me: it is a lifestyle, a community of friends, and very much a second “home” for me.  The gym integrates physical, mental, and nutritional health to support optimal overall wellness while inspiring members to reach their goals. I have achieved my target weight that had eluded me for so many years, and am healthier today than I have ever been.  I am so thankful to my TFW “family” of coaches and staff for providing my whole family and me with a new outlook on fitness and health management.  Working out is now something that I look forward to every day so it is easy for me to say that joining TFW is one of my best decisions to date!



Dr. John Miller


Do you struggle with some of the same things John struggled with? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also! FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and get in contact with one of our CERTIFIED COACHES!

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