Johnny Castro

Johnny Castro



My name is Jonathan Castro. I am a Coach at Training For Warriors, Ponte Vedra Beach. Growing up in Northeast Florida the love for the outdoors, sports, & activities shows the importance of staying active. My mission is to show everyday people anything is possible with proper coaching & accountability. Working with a range of kids to D1 athletes to 85 year olds my motivation is driven by helping people perform
better, lose fat, build muscle, and make themselves feel great again!

Collage has a great course with a bunch of versatility. I believe more balancing/jumping/body control options throughout the course would be ideal. Ex. Balancing beams (logs), Lily pad jumps, rope swing/climb. Team building & working with others obstacles.

Plans for this upcoming year. Development of nutriton / training programming to improve their everyday skills and habits. Improvements in speed. Importance of body control with arm mechanics & reactive drills.

Test athletes on
Grip Strength Challenges (Deadhang, Chin ups)
Body weight challenges ( Push ups, Crunches)
Sprint / Agility challenges ( 5-10-5, 5 Broad Jump Test, Distance testing)
But most importantly building confidence in each & everyone of these kids become their absolute best. Unleashing their Warrior Within!