Warrior of the Month: Viv Hynes

I first began my fitness journey at TFW in 2021. Before that, I was a competitive swimmer, but when COVID happened, swimming stopped like so many other things. After months of not having an athletic focus, I noticed that I was not happy with myself mentally or physically.  My eating became an outlet for boredom and after gaining noticeable weight I knew I needed to change things.   

My dad took me to my very first TFW class, which was a 5:30 p.m. session. When I first walked through the door, I was nervous to start, but then soon realized that everything was going to be okay.  My anxiety subsided when I realized that not just my dad was supporting me, but everyone at the dojo was welcoming and encouraging.  After just a short period of time the 5:30pm class became my new daily routine that I looked forward to.

While I continue along my TFW journey, I have really taken to heart two lessons. The first lesson is that fitness is key in life. Months after joining TFW, I was not only feeling great physically, but mentally I was much happier.  My confidence was improving, and I once again enjoyed shopping for clothes, having gone from sizes 6 and 8 to 2 and 4.  It is hard to imagine how much more optimistic you become when you realize you can achieve anything with hard work. 

The second lesson, and maybe the more important lesson I learned, was about surrounding myself with people who support me.  I noted that as I became happier, positive people were drawn to my life.  I have since let many pessimistic people go and I no longer choose to engage drama and negativity.  Being at TFW was key to this change because at TFW everyone encourages each other, and no one is ever condescending.  Every member is supportive, which makes working out there great and even more, the environment at TFW really does feel like a second family.

Do you have fitness and health goals or adventures that you want to achieve like Viv?

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