Warrior of the Month: Andrew Brothers

“No one is too busy to Workout & Live Longer. Exercise doesn’t just take YOU time, it makes YOU time!"

- Martin Rooney

     TFW has been a game changer for me in many ways. I started almost a year ago when we moved to Ponte Vedra from NC. My businesses up there had been shut down due to Covid, and I was fairly depressed. I went and got a physical around this time a year ago as well. My doctor told me my levels were all out of wack, and all the beer I drank during Covid was weighing on me…quite literally. It was time for a change. I was in a huge rut, and in terrible shape to say the least. One Sunday I was scrolling Facebook, and someone on a page was asking about local trainers. Well, Phil’s name came up three times in that post. I looked up TFW, and read a little about it. I’d never heard of a gym like this. I watched a couple of Phil’s animated videos and was like damn, this guy is passionate. I was instantly intrigued. I thought maybe I could do this…or at least give it a shot. There was an email there, and I thought I’ll just shoot off a message and see. I sent the email explaining my situation, and asked for some details. It was a Sunday afternoon so I thought maybe I’ll hear back in the next few days if at all. Not only did Phil respond right then and there, he was already coaching me. We set up a time, and I went and checked it out. Phil was like “you get some free classes to try it out. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay. No strings attached.” What did I have to lose, right? From the moment I stepped into the Dojo, I could feel the energy. Needless to say I had a long way to go, but everyone just lifted me up, and I was off to the races. From the owner down to the coaches you are treated like family at TFW. 

     Fast forward a year, and you’ll find me in training 4-5 days a week. I don’t even remember that out of shape guy from last year. So far I’m down 15 pounds of fat and up in muscle mass quite a bit. I’m actually to the point where I feel guilty when I miss a day. I can’t say enough good things about TFW.  It’s not “just a gym”. It’s a way of life, and it shines through from the top down. Energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and always smiling coaches (Lori, Johnny and Jacob are the best) makes for a fun 45 min workout. I could be having an off day, or be in a bad mood, and I’ll walk out sweating and smiling every time. The fact that it’s for your physical and mental health, not just burning calories, is a huge plus. 

     Motivational stories, mental health, pushing the importance of hydration, proper sleep, nutrition, building muscle, losing fat, holding yourself accountable, being positive, and marking your progress the whole way. I owe TFW a huge thanks. The Coaches have helped me become a better version of myself. The groups are small and fun, and the people working out next to you are all awesome.  I’ve even got my wife and daughter training now, and they love it as much as I do. 

     Whole mind and body fitness…that’s what they preach. If you’re in great shape and want to maintain it, or if you’re completely out of shape like I was, just come in for a class and try it. It’ll hook you too. You won’t regret it. 

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