Warrior of The Month – Kiko Jimenez!

Training For Warriors has been fantastic for my physical and mental health for well over 6 years. The culture and community created by the coaches and students are very supportive, encouraging, non judgmental, and highly motivational.  The TFW program has helped me climb to the top of my with my strength, fitness and health goals.

I joined TFW 18 months before turning 60. I told Coaches Phil, Tyler and Johnny that I wanted to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro before my 60th birthday with my 2 daughters. The summit reaches a monumental height of 19,341 feet tall! All of the coaches and 5:15am Familia helped me stay focused, helped me improve my strength and endurance so I could attack my upcoming adventure. Sure enough Mt. Kilimanjaro proved to be quite a monumental challenge but I conquered it and made it to the summit! And that was almost 5 years ago!!

TFW motivates me to get better with my nutrition, to adopt healthy habits, and minimize “not so good” habits.  I’ve learned to train smart but yet train hard. The emphasis on recovery, sleep, and working around injuries, and not pushing through them has made a big difference. Most importantly I feel strong, fit and healthy going into year 65!


Do you have fitness and health goals or adventures that you want to achieve like Kiko?

TFW will help you physically and mentally prepare for the battlefield called Life.

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