August Transformation Testimonial

The camaraderie, encouragement, vast knowledge base of the coaches and the true sense of family is palpable!!

In late 2017, I drove by Training For Warriors and was compelled to call the number on the outside door.  I felt the time was now to turn my recent setbacks into my greatest comeback! Up until this point I had torn my Achilles, had back surgery, and dealt with back complications which lead to weight gain, loss of strength, and conditioning. I then met with Coach Squats and he assured me his team would be able to accommodate my modifications and help me get to where it was I wanted to go.  That’s when I began my fitness journey.  I consistently have trained 3-5 days per week now for 4.5 years and have never felt better. My strength and conditioning are greater than ever. I have had no setbacks with my prior injuries and I feel great.  My body composition is now in the ideal range for a healthy male 16.7% and I have more than enough energy to keep after my kids.  The best part of all of it is my results have been contagious.  My entire family now embraces an active lifestyle, we eat healthy together, and even get in some virtual TFW workouts from our living room! My kids even get excited about eating broccoli!

At the beginning of 2020, Coach Squats convinced my wife to give TFW a try. Ready for something new that works,  Becca agreed and began training in January. Soon thereafter, the pandemic struck and we were forced to all go virtual.. Lucky for us, the TFW Coaches went ALL IN with a virtual training platform.  During that time my family and I trained hard, ate clean and were motivated throughout those 11 weeks.  Amazingly enough with little equipment at home, when Becca got back in person to TFW she had improved her level of fitness, body composition, and muscle mass.       

Both my wife and I feel better than we have in a long time and appreciate all that TFW has done for us!! Both mentally and physically…we are feeling our best! The challenges, stories, enthusiasm, variation of training sessions and constant motivation (even on days we aren’t feeling super motivated!) are proof that things never get boring at TFW!! We are extremely grateful for all the coaches and Familia we get to train with. The camaraderie, encouragement, vast knowledge base of the coaches and the true sense of family is palpable!! The TFW coaching, culture, community and results make al the difference.  We are looking forward to continuing our fitness journey with Training For Warriors.

Brad Mackenzie
Becca Mackenzie

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