“Silver Linings Playbook Featuring Mike Carrigan”

Adversity in life is inevitable.  We all face challenges in our lives, some big and some small.  How we respond to those obstacles, not the obstacles themselves, is what defines us. We all have a choice, : we can feel sorry for ourselves and come up with reasons of why we can’t, or, we dig a little bit deeper into the playbook and find those silver linings amidst the storm of why we WILL succeed. Here is the remarkable story of Michael Carrigan and how he chose to control the controllable, search for those silver linings, and become the best version of himself as a husband, father, and executive. 

Michael has been a part of our TFW Familia for nearly 7 years. He has always worked hard while in the weight room, but work travel, nagging injuries from not taking the best care of himself, and the stresses of life always had him lacking in Vitamin C, aka consistency. His career over the last ten years required constant travel and entertaining customers over dinner and drinks the frequent interruptions to his exercise and diet regimen took a toll on his health and fitness. As we say at TFW, a little on top of a little can add up to a lot either for or against you. The cumulative effect of all these choices over prevented Michael from reaching the goals he set for his own fitness and his goals as a father. He was thriving with his business, but other equally important areas of his life were falling behind.

When the pandemic struck., Michael had a choice to make as we all did ,he could have used it as an excuse and continued down the path of poor health choices like so many did. Instead, I’m proud to say that he took ownership of his life and found the discipline to commit to getting it done every single day. He overhauled his diet and strengthened his family and personal relationships, all while helping lead his company through the challenges of the pandemic.

I believe when the light goes on for someone it stays on for the rest of their lives. The habits we create and the changes we make with our fitness, health and relationships are often permanent ones. Now, nearly two years from the beginning of the pandemic, Michael has lost nearly 15% body fat, packed on pounds of lean muscle mass, and is in the best shape of his life in all three phases: mind, body, and spirit.  Michael now maintains a healthy diet, has cut out alcohol, and follows his strict workout regimen regardless of whether he’s at home or on the road. Before he would take out clients for dinner and drinks at the bar, but now he wakes up early and finds a barbell.   His golf game has improved dramatically, his nagging injuries have subsided, and he continues to evolve and work to improve himself. His Vitamin C is now at levels so high he’s on fire all the time. The best part of it all is that he’s a better father, husband, leader, and role model.

When talking with Michael about sharing his story, he wanted everyone to know that his accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without all the help he received from so many along the way. He’d like to give a shout out to his coaches here at TFW, Johnny Castro and Jacob Burns, for making sure he gave his all every day at the gym. He’s also like to thank Emily Mitchell for the hundreds of hours spent improving his flexibility so that he could avoid injury and lower his golf scores. When the waves of adversity crash upon the shores of our lives we all have a choice to make. We can let the storm take us out to sea or we can fight back, open that playbook and search for that silver lining!

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