Warrior of the Month – Margaret

“Instead of worrying about something you did in the past, or something that might not happen in the future, do something NOW!” – Martin Rooney

My journey to TFW actually started months before I walked through the dojo door. It began in March of 2016 when I found myself lying in the cardiac intensive care unit of a hospital in Oregon. My doctor explained to me that I had had what he referred to as a “widowmaker” heart attack and I had a shiny new stent now propping my artery open. I was 55 years old and terrified. I knew that while I had survived that day, I had to make drastic changes in my lifestyle if I wanted to live. I have children and grandchildren that I want to watch grow. I had so much to live for! So change I did. I made all of the dietary changes I knew I should have made years before and I started walking. We moved back home to Ponte Vedra in September of 2017. I was walking 5 miles a day and had lost 100 pounds. I felt better than I had in years but I knew I needed more. Resistance training and the structure of a proven program were so important to me. Encouraged by a friend who worked out at another TFW location, I walked in. I was more than a little intimidated, but was met with the most welcoming atmosphere I could have hoped for. The positive mindset and messages, the constant encouragement, not just from the coaches but from everyone, have made these people like family to me.

I had a second setback with my health when I was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma late in 2018. I had a month of radiation in early 2019 and am so grateful that I am in remission. Through it all, the supportive atmosphere at TFW has sustained me. Whatever modifications I needed, the coaches were there to help and encourage. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without them. But I am here today, having maintained my weight loss, stronger than I’ve ever been, feeling better than I ever have. None of this would be possible without “my people” at TFW. My day never feels quite right if I don’t start it with the 6:15 workout. We truly are a family, encouraging and pushing each other to go a bit farther. I could not be more grateful!

Do you struggle with some of the same things as Margaret? You CAN make that change and TRANSFORM your life also!

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