March Transformation Testimonial

80 lbs Down In 6 Months!

How do we spell success? F-A-M-I-L-Y

Our healthy transformation is a family affair. We initially joined TFW to teach our son about physical fitness, while getting him away from the computer, and to help him start some good health habits. Little did we foresee the total physical transformation of our entire family. 

Although we started in Dec. 2019, we did not get serious until August of 2020. Like everyone else, the COVID pandemic brought many challenges and changes to us. One of the big negatives was added weight gain. In August, we all committed ourselves to both physical fitness AND a real change in our nutrition. What started as an education for our son, turned into a reality check for us all. These lessons reminded us of how much we had neglected our physical fitness. We also used food as a reward system and way to pass time. Over the past several years, we had all gained more weight than we realized and lost the fitness that we used to be proud of.

The first step which is often the most difficult was to get back into the weight room. We committed to going to Training For Warriors as a family 5 days per week. No excuses, as we all encouraged each other to get out of the house, even when one of us did not feel like training. The strength results were quick. The first two weeks I’d send Coach Squats notes asking “did I leave my abs at the gym? Because I don’t feel them.” By the end of the first month, I was doing additional crunches at home as a leisure activity and within 3 months I was doing chin ups!

Equally as important as the training was our commitment to healthy eating. We eliminated most processed foods, while sticking to the Warrior 20 and creating a calorie deficit! This is when the transformation truly took shape. The pounds melted away for all of us. I averaged an 8-10 lbs. lost per month and the rest of the family dropped weight and body composition. We were all losing fat, building strength, and feeling GREAT!

Team Brodsky has lost over 80 lbs. in just 6 months! My back issues are better. My blood pressure has improved, and we all feel great! My son even completed a No SUGAR November and has made tremendous progress with his fitness and health at only 12 years old. The biggest problem we all have faced is our clothes no longer fit us! Another bonus is that we all have fun and train together!

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go FAR go TOGETHER.
Thanks, TFW Familia!! TEAM Brodsky