Ready for New Challenges

Meet Hanna, she has been training with us for nearly 7 years. I hate goodbyes, but I know she will be ready for the challenges and new ventures ahead. The dedication, commitment and sacrifice she has dedicated to her wellness has been nothing short of extraordinary! She is an absolute technician in the weight room, and works the agility ladder like a professional athlete. Her spirit will be certainly missed but her journey is just beginning. Here is the short story of how TFW helped Hanna become the STRONG woman she is today!

“It’s been an amazing 7 years. I remember the first time I started to workout with TFW, it’s like it was yesterday. It’s very difficult to say goodbye to something that has been apart of my life for so many years, but I know that with the physical and mental strength TFW has given me, this isn’t the end of my fitness journey, it’s just the beginning. I want to thank Phil and the entire TFW team for everything these past 7 years. I know I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your training, guidance, and continual support. When I first began my fitness journey I was very young and it was rather intimidating to be working out with adults, but thanks to everyone at TFW working out became a way of life, not a chore. Not only did it make me more focused and determined inside the gym but outside the gym as well. It was nice to know I could always count on the fact that once I got to TFW the work would get done regardless of my mood or what was going on that day. Fitness will forever be a priority in my life and that’s because of all of you, so thank you.”